Oct. 25 & Nov. 1, Sat, Autumn Day Rides, Gotham Bicycle Tours, info@gothambiketours.com, www.gothambiketours.com, 917 748-1119, road, ride.

Oct. 25-26, Sat-Sun, Haunted Hundred Overnight Century, Adirondack Ultra Cycling, john@adkultracycling.com, www.adkultracycling.com, 7 Pearl St., Schuylerville NY 12871, 518 583-3708, road, ultra.

Oct 26, Sun, Tour de Bronx, Transportation Alternatives, info@transalt.org, www.tourdebronx.org, 127 W 26th St. Ste. 1002, New York NY 10001, 212 629-8080, road, ride.

Oct. 26, Sun, Holloween Cyclocross Race, Park Ave Bike Shop, www.thehardcore24.com/S6.html, info@parkavebikeshop.com, 2900 Monroe Ave., Rochester NY 14618, 585 381-3080, mtb, cyclocross.

Nov. 5-14, Wed-Fri, Statewide Conference on Local Bridges, Cornell Local Roads Program, clrp@cornell.edu, www.clrp.cornell.edu, 416 Riley-Robb Hall, Ithaca NY 14853, 607 244-8033, event, conf/advocacy; If the attendees do not consider bridge facilities for bicyclists & pedestrians how are these two groups going to cross the river or the valley; go over the railroad or highway.

Nov. 8, Sat, Sociable Tweed Ride: Schenectady, Schenectady NY, road, ride. www.sociabletweenrideschenectady.wordpress.com,

Nov. 9, Sun, Cross Out Cancer, East Aurora Racing Club, info@earacingclub.com, www.earacingclub.com, 576 Main St., East Aurora NY 14052, 716 393-2727, road, ride.

Nov. 15, Sat, Rivers & Lakes Century, Adirondack Ultra Cycling, john@adkultracycling.com, www.adkultracycling.com, 7 Pearl St., Schuylerville NY 12871, 518 583-3708, road, ultra.

Nov. 16, Sun, Cobb’s Hill Cyclocross, Fullmoon Vista Bike & Sport, info@fullmoonvista.com, www.fullmoonvista.com, 661 South Ave., Rochester NY 14620, 585 546-4030, mtb, cyclocross.

Dec. 13, Sat, Last Century, Adirondack Ultra Cycling, john@adkultracycling.com, www.adkultracycling.com, 7 Pearl St., Schuylerville NY 12871, 518 583-3708, road, ultra.

2014 Events Accomplished

We will list these events in November. You will be able to use this list to plan your 2015 New York State Bicycling experience. Many events occur during the same week of the month each year. E. g., If the event occurred on the 2nd Saturday in October, 2014, then the event will most likely occur on the 2nd Saturday in July, 2015. Contact the event promoter/ sponsoring organization to be placed on the event's email and USPS notification database.

Don't forget to plan your 2014 vacation using Cyclotour Guide Books

Calendar Listing Form 2014-15

It takes approximately 400 hours to compile, track down, enter into a database, and convert the information for 220+ events into a useable form for this web page. That's a lot of time!

Make my life easier. Copy and then paste the form below to a Notepad or plain text file; fill out the form (left justified, no tabs, & please do not change the order of the entries); copy & paste the completed form on to an email; and send it to:

PLEASE place the words BIKE EVENT in the subject line of your email.
or send it by USPS mail to:
160 Harvard St.
ROCHESTER NY 14607-3174

Garbage in, garbage out! What you send, is what is displayed. Triple check your information. Use the current listings as a model if you have any questions.

We reserve the right to edit your listing or/and not list your event.

No need to duplicate any entry, just leave it blank. Many times the sponsoring organization and the Event have separate contact information.

Criteria for inclusion in the Calendar:

A major bicycling event is open to folks other than the club or sponsoring organization's members and may have sponsorship support from a business or a public entity. A fee may or may not be charged. It might benefit another group (charity or otherwise), a bike club, the sponsoring organization, or the bicyclist. Regular or intermittently (e. g., once a month) scheduled club rides are listed only if they have a significant purpose and at the discretion of this Calendar's compiler.

The Form!
Name of Event:
Number of cyclists in the 2014 event?
Estimated number of spectators at the 2015 event?

2014 Date of Event:
2014 Day of the week:
2014 Name of Event:
2014 Organization responsible for event:
2014 Organization's URL:
2014 Organization's Email:
2014 Organization's Telephone No.:
2014 Street address for registration form:
2014 City:
2014 State:
2014 Zip:
2014 Event Telephone No.: (If the Event info. is the same as the organization's, no need to repeat the info.)
2014 Event Fax No.:
2014 Event Web site URL:
2014 Event Email:
2014 Event Distance (in miles):
2014 Event Benefits what/whom:
2014 Registration Info.:


Day of Event Fee:
Pre-Registration fee & deadline date:
Pledges necessary? Yesor No:
Pledge Minimum amount:
Show ups OK? answer yes or no:

2014 Start time & location:
2014 Notes:

Sponsors: You may list the event's sponsors:

Have you placed a "hot" direct link to this page, (http://www.cyclotour.com/events.htm ) on your organization's or on the event's web site?

Have you placed a "hot" direct link to this page, the New York Bicycling Coalition's events calendar page? (http://www.events.nybc.net) on your organization's or the event's web site?

Miscellaneous Information

Regional bicycling event calendars: We prepare and distribute regional major bicycling events calendars based on the official NYS Tourism Regions + the NYS Canal System corridor and on the NYS Regional Economic Development Council regions + the NYS Canal System corridor. These regional events calendars will be emailed to you as an email attachment in, MS Word and Adobe Acrobat formats if you email a request to cyclotour@cyclotour.com with Regional Bike Calendar Request in the subject line. Please request a specific regional bicycling calendar(s). These Calendars will not be available until approximately. You must include a citation and link to http://www.cyclotour.com/events.htm & the New York Bicycling Coalition, http://www.events.nybc.net if you post the regional bicycling calendar on the web or in a newsletter, newspaper, magazine, etc.

Bicycling event participants: Please tell the event promoter/organizer you saw the event's information on the Cyclotour Guide Books web site. We do not charge for this listing but it would be nice if bicycling event promoters linked to this web site.

Bicycling event promotors & directors: In 2014, and thereafter, your organization must be a member of the New York Bicycling Coalition to be listed on its events calendar. Email nybc@nybc.net for additional infomation.

Harvey is very busy revising his books, bicycling, and performing advocacy duties with the New York Bicycling Coalition, Rochester Cycling Alliance and Canal New York Business & Marketing Alliance. He might have to go back to full time work to get a break from all of his retirement activities! He is unable to list major bicycling events from Ontario, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut this year.

For the past 10 years we have distributed regional bicycling events calendars to all media sources in each NYS tourism region. The increased media coverage of bicycling events can be attributed to Cyclotour Guide Books & the NYBC's efforts to publicize bicycling events throughout the State.

The 2002 and 2001 Major Bicycling Events in New York State Reports can now be read or downloaded directly from our web site. These Reports analyze number of participants and sponsors of these events. To read these Reports, Click: Bicycle Events Reports If you find this Report information helpful, please send me an email (subject line: bike event).

If you or your organization is flush with cash and wants to provide a tax deductible research grant to the NYBC for the analysis of bicycling events in other years please contact the Executive Director, New York Bicycling Coalition.

Last update: October 16, 2014